Klikpics Photobooth

Fredericton NB 

Contact Person : Steve Leblanc

Phone Number : 506-206-1264

Email : info@klikpics.com

Website : www.klikpics.com

Facebook Page : Klikpics Photobooth Page

Memories2Go Photobooth 

Greater Moncton NB 

Phone Number 506-874-9471 English 506-874-4425 French

Email : contact@memories2go.ca

Website : www.memories2go.ca

Facebook Page : Memories2Go Page

Photo Booth / Interactive Video

BeepBop Video Entertainment & Brand Marketing

Moncton NB

Contact Person : Kent Varner

Phone Number : 506-962-5808 

Email : event@beepbop.ca 

Website : www.beepbop.ca

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